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Making my own wine has always been my dream.
I don’t want to make the best wine in the world at all costs.
I want to make and make the best wine that is produced in our vineyards. This is where the potential of the new vintage arises.


Making wine means uniting. Connect the sun with the earth, a vineyard with a cellar, a tradition with the future, creative people with modern technology, traditional production with experiment or a region with the world. To bring together for us means to create a new value that ultimately brings joy and pleasure from each new experience and knowledge.


My life is linked to growing grapes and making wine.
That is why I understand that if I want to create values for future generations, I must have my own vineyards.


Our wines are the image of our vineyards and the terroir in which they are born.
They are produced with minimal intervention in the production process.
Awards from international competitions such as Vinalies Internationales Paris, Bacchus Madrid, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, AWC Vienna and Prague Wine Trophy also show that we are heading in the right direction.


Martin Pomfy- Mavín
Pezinská 7,
90201 Vinosady

+421 908 777 066
Ičo: 40046435
Dič: SK1045189596